I apologise for the hiatus on this overdue update about Usapan Sa La Mesa. At this moment, I am working with Migrante/Gabriella activists in forming Anakbayan Sydney and also, Anti-colonial Asian Alliance in organising actions of resistance. In solidarity with these organisations and my family, the next Usapan event will be held at Verge Gallery on September 5th. More details to be announced. Save the date!



Thank you to everyone who attended and shared a bit of their story/decolonising processes for the diaspora!

A HUGE thank you to our kapamilya who make Usapan Sa La Mesa the success that it is:

Jen Cuenco, Rj Dela Rosa, Mama: Maria Corazon Talastas, Ryz Dela Rosa, pinsans: Josh, Trishia, Ces,

Tita Nene, Tito Boy, Tita Angie, Tito Lordy, Tita Ilya, Tito Mark, Joyce, Carrie-Anne

Kuya Lery, Ate Erika, baby Gavin!

THE SISTERHOOD: performance: fiesta theme: Mama: Maria Corazon Talastas, Tita Diana, Tita Isabel, Tita Cez, Tita Debbie, Tita Mhel, Tita Imee, Tita Susan,

Francesca for our sound system and Tito Robert

The Kapatids for Usapan Sa La Mesa zine: Jen Cuenco (design of zine) https://retiredextrovert.com/, Rj Dela Rosa, June Miskell, Genesis Mansilongan,

Christine Knight, Harry Bonifacio Baughan, Carielyn Turion: (https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/aliencry)

Artist table: Carielyn Turion: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/aliencry, Eunice Andrada: https://giramondopublishing.com/product/flood-damages/

Jules Orcullo: https://www.julesorcullo.com/



RSVP or click attending for free entry to our second Usapan Sa La Mesa event on August 3rd, same location & time!

Click here* for the link.

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#USAPANSALAMESA  kapatids dining, loving and organising. Our ancestors are dancing, there is no love like this x



Usapan Sa La Mesa on SBS Filipino! Click here for the link. A huge thank you to the brilliant, Carielyn Tunion for interviewing us on the night. Salamat kapatid x

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The brilliant artist/activist/family, Ohni interviewed us on FBI Radio! Playback through here: https://fbiradio.com/945fm/programs/agenda/2018-05-26/ 

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Usapan Sa La Mesa is a decolonizing process and gathering of Filipinx/Filipinos/Pinays in Sydney. It involves sharing of experiences, knowledge and unpacking together in the hopes of achieving communal solidarity within the diaspora – Kabayanihan! It originated from the ongoing conversations we have around the table with family we’ve made over the years. Some food was served in a Boodle Fight tradition, while the rest was served using the hand-built ceramic vessels we’ve made over the course of their Honours degree. Usapan Sa La Mesa is the catalyst for bringing different perspectives to exchange in an open dialogue which can take shape in different forms. I hope the same practice will ripple through everyone’s own homes, minds, hearts and being. We can’t wait for the next one!

I need to thank everyone involved in making all this happen:
My sounding boards:
Jen Cuenco, www.retiredextrovert.com, our partner and soul mate in life and art. Thank you for the beautiful design of the poster, official Usapan Sa La Mesa sign and decorating the event. Also, for the infinite support, love and always bringing the best out me. You’re amazing, talented, and so beautiful.
And Baby brother, Rj, for driving me endlessly throughout these past weeks, pumping me up, keeping me in line of the goal and reminding me how important this work is even when I’m in a mood, you’re a beautiful legend.

A HUGE thank you to my mama, Maria Corazon Diwa Talastas and the Sisterhood for feeding our souls! Not with only food, but love, knowledge, clothing, dance, hospitality and brutality LOL 😉 Titas: Lourdes Cureg, Angelita Porlante, Diana Ramos, Cez Rico Dagandon, Imelda Bondoc, Viola Isabel, Susan Avila, and ate Erika Judee Flores-Cruz.

Ate Ryz, my love, and Rosie flying for the event from Melbourne x Jas Cuenco, Shella , Tita Linda, Tita Nene for providing the homegrown plants and lecheflan for the night. Mga pinsan: Trishia & Josh Cureg. Tita Padilla for the cake and macaroons.
Dad, Tito Boy and Tito Lordy Dizon and Kuya Johnlery Cruz and baby Gavin!

Thank you for the donations everyone.

Big love to Harry Bonifacio Baughan for providing an important talk for everyone introducing his own decolonization process, identity, being an ally, anti-colonialism as an important role in decolonization, privilege, modal minority myth, marginalisation, diversity, empowering our people through actions of resistance and community: so amazing and beautiful. Thank you, you’re incredible!

Artist table: Carielyn Tunion, Aliencry for her beautiful art prints, I Too Am A Watch and ATE pins - all goes towards donation! GET IT: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/aliencry

Genesis, baby, your gift was so beautiful, it brought me to tears reading it when I got home. Thank you ❤

I cannot express the amount of gratitude kapamilya! Thank you for coming and making this first event a night to hold onto for strength and warmth I want you all to know I am here always and I LOVE YOU all so much!

Love Eme x


The first five



'USAPAN SA LA MESA' - Table Talk

‘Calling my Kapwa Filipinx/a/o to share in dialogue about the process of decolonization!’

ATTENTION all Filipinx/a/o individuals and families! I am holding events for Honours this year and would like to invite you all to join me in having an open dialogue about decolonisation while we dine together to celebrate our culture, share knowledge, history and experiences. Individuals/Families are encouraged to showcase their traditional Filipinx dish to contribute to the Boodle Fight.

Conversation will be in a casual and open setting, for us to unpack and reflect together. We are going have karaoke, games, art and performances! We will respect and love each individual that walks through the door. There will be no tolerance for hate or discrimination or any of the sort - you will be asked to leave 🙃

These events aim to have a safe and inclusive space to allow for the enrichment of the Filipino self, community/culture building for Filipino communities/families/friends in Sydney. The body of work will also go towards my grad-show. I have covered the expenses for the hall space and art supplies and I am basically just reaching out to you kind folks in assistance for the funding of the interior decoration and other logistics for the four events. Anything helps! https://www.mycause.com.au/page/175419/usapan-sa-la-mesa 

Official Facebook page event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1830038360626276/

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/usapan-sa-la-mesa-tickets-46508558350?utm_term=eventurl_text
If you are interested, please get in touch or RSVP ASAP limited seats available!

Maraming salamat po.

Poster Design by Filipina creative: www.retiredextrovert.com  ✨

And Happy Bday Ma! This work is a love letter to you x

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